Article 1.

  • These General Terms and Conditions are part of the rental agreement between Jan Thiel Car Rentals as the lessor and you as the renter of the rental car.
    Changes in the rental agreement are only valid if they are signed by both the renter and Jan Thiel Car Rentals
  • The ‘reservation confirmation’ of the rental agreement, specifies the details of (the condition of) the car, the rental period, rent, insurance options etc. are part of the rental agreement.
  • Car is defined in these General Terms and Conditions as a car, a bus, a truck, a pickup or other vehicles as specified in the rental agreement. Furthermore, it implies that wheels, tools, equipment, accessories and vehicle documentation are available.
  • Approved drivers means any known person of which Jan Tiel Car Rentals is in the possession of a copy of his/her drivers license, named on the rental agreement and nominated by the renter to be allowed to drive the car during the rental period.
  • Fuel is not included in the price. Returned rental cars must contain the same amount of fuel as the time of departure, if not a fee of NAFL 100,- will be charged excluding the fuel charge. The renter is not entitled to a refund for over-tanking.
  • The renter must know in advance which kind of fuel should be tanked. Jan Thiel Car Rentals will not be liable if damage occurs by refueling the rented car with unsuitable fuel.
    When using the wrong fuel, the renter will be held fully liable for all damage caused to the vehicle’s engine.
  • The renter is not bound to a minimum or maximum number of kilometers.
  • Vehicles are only rented to persons who are at least 2 years in the possession of a full valid drivers license.
  • The minimum age for rental is 23 years.
  • The minimum age for additional drivers is also 23 years.
  • It is not allowed to smoke in the car. If Jan Thiel Car Rentals noticed there has been smoked in the car, NAFL 350,- cleaning fee will be charged.

Article 2.

  • The rent is for the time and the rate noted on the rental agreement or otherwise agreed in writing. When the rental car is handed in before the agreed return date, refund of the rental amount is not possible. If the renter has authorized to hand in the vehicle at a later date or time, the renter remains liable for damage to, or caused with, the vehicle until Jan Thiel Car Rentals actually receives and inspects the vehicle.
  • At the start of the rental agreement, the renter should inspect the car and report any damage and/or defects directly to Jan Thiel Car Rentals. Any damage will be reported and signed by the renter and Jan Thiel Car Rentals. Notification afterwards is not possible and is attributed to the renter.
  • If the renter wishes to extend the rental period, this should be agreed upon in writing with Jan Thiel Car Rentals. The extended rental period will remain subject to these Terms and Conditions. The car insurance on the rented vehicle during the previous rental period shall be automatically extended for the extended rental period.
  • If the car without to be agreed with Jan Thiel Car Rentals, has not been returned within the agreed period, Jan Thiel Car Rentals is entitled to instantaneous intake of the car. The renter has to pay the price as specified in the following term to the moment the vehicle is in the possession of Jan Thiel Car Rentals. The car insurance in force on the rental car during the rental period, shall be automatically extended until the car is in possession of the lessor.
  • Where the renter has failed to return the car, as specifed in the rental agreement, Jan Thiel Car Rentals reserves the right to charge a sum of ANG 50, – per hour.
  • The car should be returned in a good condition to Jan Thiel Car Rentals on the time specified in the rental agreement.
  • When returning, the car will be checked by Jan Thiel Car Rentals. A report of any detected damage and/or defects found will be drawn and settled with the renter.


Article 3.

  • Jan Thiel Car Rentals will provide liability protection. This insurance covers damage to the opposing team with an excess of ANG 600,-. Damage to the rented car is for your own account.
  • Upon payment of ANG 17,- (luxury ANG 25,-) per day the renter can opt for an All Risk Insurance. For All Risk the deductible per claim is ANG 600,- (luxury ANG 900,-).
  • By paying a fee of ANG 17,- (luxury ANG 25,-) per day on top of the All Risk insurance you can reduce excess to ANG 0,-. Supposedly Full Coverage.Redemption of the excess is only possible combined with the Allrisk insurance, if the renter and approved drivers are 30 years and over, and with a minimal rental of 5 days.
  • In case of theft and/or burglary in Punda or Otrobanda an All Risk or Full Coverage insurance is only applicable if you can show that the car was parked in a Parking Garage.
  • The renter is fully liable for any damage of the convertible top on the convertible-models. Even with an All Risk or Full Coverage insurance.


  • You don’t need to pay a deposit. 
  • The renter is fully liable for all damages not covered by the insurance.
  • In case of an accident, THE CAR SHOULD NOT BE MOVED and the renter must contact Forensys tel: 199. The official report from Forensys of the accident must be handed over to Jan Thiel Car Rentals. If this report can not be submitted the renter will be fully liable for the damage caused in connection with the accident.
  • If it appears that the renter according to these General Terms and Conditions of Jan Thiel Car Rentals is fully responsible, the renter will be fully charged for the damage to the rented car. If the damage is not caused by willful intent or negligence of the renter and the damage can be recovered from the other party, the deductible does not apply.
  • Until the moment the damage is recovered, the renter is liable for the damage. Only when the full damage is recovered from the other party, the costs will be refunded to the renter.
  • Jan Thiel Car Rentals has the right to modify the conditions regarding the insurance. If this is the case, Jan Thiel Car Rentals will clearly highlight the changes.
  • Burglary and theft damages are not covered by the standard liability insurance, the renter is fully liable. With the All risk insurance the deductable of NAFL 600,- applies, with the Full Coverage insurance the renter is not liable for any costs if Forensys is called and the car is not moved after the damage.
  • The insurance is not applicable if:
    • the driver is 22 years or younger (All Risk)
    • the driver is 29 year or younger by (Full Coverage)
    • the drivers license is invalid or is withdrawn
    • the driver is under the influence of drugs, such as alcohol, drugs and/or medicins.

If one of the above is applicable, the renter will be fully reliable for all costs.


Article 4.

  • By picking up the car the expected rental fee will be charged.
  • Payment can be done by credit card (+ 5%), debit card or cash.
  • The following credit cards are accepted; Mastercard, Discover and Visa (+ 5%).

Article 5.

  • The renter is obligated to pay all amounts due before leaving Curaçao. If necessary, all (additional) judicial collection and interest charges marketed with a minimum of at least 15% plus legal fees will be charged to the renter.

Article 6.

  • Only the renter and the approved drivers of the car, as specified in the rental agreement, are authorized to drive the vehicle. There is no extra charge for a person labeled as approved drivers in the rental agreement.
  • Any damage caused by approved drivers will be recovered from the renter.
  • If the renter gives control of the car to another person not mentioned in the rental agreement, or if the renter didn’t prevent moving the car by another person not mentioned in the rental agreement, the renter is fully liable for any damage to the rented vehicle, it’s occupants or any third party. The renter shall not be entitled to any insurance coverage in such case.
  • The renter must ensure that keys to the vehicle are not to be delivered to someone other than the accepted ‘approved drivers’ named in the rental agreement.
  • The renter is not allowed to drive the car on unpaved roads differently than with a pick-up truck and in that case it solely for the purpose of reaching or leaving a dive site while driving the shortest road to the public highway. Damage to the rental car due to driving on unpaved roads is not covered by the insurance, the renter is fully liable. The renter is responsible for salvaging the car if necessary and shall bear the costs of this. Please note: 24/7 Roadside Assistance (Road Service) will not help the renter there and Jan Thiel Car Rentals has no obligation to provide you with assistance. 
  • The renter is fully liable for damage to or caused by the car due to driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication.
  • If a misrepresentation is made to the validity of the license or if the driver has been disqualified, the damage caused to or by the vehicle is not covered by insurance and it is entirely for the account of the renter.
  • The renter is fully liable for all fines and costs arising from parking or traffic offenses or offenses committed during the rental period.
  • If the renter leaves the car, keys and valuables should be removed.
  • If dragging the vehicle is needed the renter is liable for the cost, unless the cause is a mechanical failure.
  • The car should not be used to transport passengers or goods for a fee, or to (re) tow other vehicles or pushing. Violation of this provision will make the renter fully liable for any loss or damage of passengers, goods or car.
  • The rental car may not be overloaded and has to be used in a careful manner. It is forbidden to transport more passengers than there are seats in the car, including the driver.
  • Flat tires should be replaced immediately. The renter can call 24/7 Road Service for free help with changing the tire. The renter is fully liable for damages resulting from failure to do so. When the renter hands over the invoice of the replacement or repair of the tyre, the lessor will reimburse the full amount. Unless the damage is the result of irresponsible behaviour.
  • The renter is forbidden to participate in any test, race or contest with the rental car. Violation of this provision will make the renter fully liable for all damage.

Article 7.

  • Jan Thiel Car Rentals is not responsible for loss of personal property, goods or baggage from the renter or the approved drivers or other users. This will also not be covered by insurance.
  • Jan Thiel Car Rentals is not liable for damages or personal injury caused to passengers (including renter and / or approved drivers) of the rented car caused by a collision or other accident.
  • Occupants who are family are automatically insured based on the Civil Liability Insurance, which coveres personal injury by accident.
  • Jan Thiel Car Rentals delivers the car including a cover for PAI. PAI coverage also covers personal injury caused by an accident to a passenger which is not a family member.

Article 8.

  • Jan Thiel Car Rentals has the right to recover the car before the end of the rental period, without notice or judicial intervention and the right to compensate the costs and damages if it appears that a misrepresentation has been made about the purpose of renting the vehicle, then Jan Thiel Car Rentals had been informed, the rent was entered into. For example, a situation in where the car is used to break the law, if it is obvious departure or if the tenant has violated any article of this rent.
  • If there is any discrepancy in the interpretation of the English text of this agreement, the Dutch text shall prevail.

Article 9.

  • Any (re) void (separately) or invalidity of one or more provisions of the rental agreement shall affect the applicability and validity of the remaining provisions.

Article 10.

  • This lease is under Dutch Antillean law. Any disputes shall serve on Curacao for a competent court.